On the 26th of April, Winchester Hub will be partaking in the Innovate 8 Challenge. This is where the staff team of Winchester Hub will be doing 8 hours of activity to raise funds for Student Hubs new Innovate Fund. This fund is dedicated to ensuring that we can build new, sustainable and innovative ideas as a staff team, without restricting our capacity to our current projects.

Why are we raising money?

We like to innovate at Student Hubs, investing in our students and communities' incredible ideas with our money, heart and our mission. We believe that students have the power and potential to change the world, and can be supported to engage in social and environmental challenges at university, which go on to have an impact even once they have graduated. But this comes for a price, and in order for these projects to get off the ground, we need sustainability for our staff team, investment in our Hub network, and the infrastructure, network and logistics which makes these ideas a reality in the first place.

That is where you come in. By supporting the Innovate Fund, you can provide us with the sustainability for us to continue to put our time where it matters - into our future leaders, innovative ideas, and the active citizens our programmes create.

What will our Innovate 8 Challenge look like?

Image of Zumba instructors and the Innovate Fund!

Monday 26th April: Join Sorcha, Winchester Hub Programmes Manager, for a Zumba workout. The Zumba class will be hosted by Salsa y Sol, and 100% of the ticket donations from the Eventbrite event will go towards the Innovate Fund!

Tuesday 27th April: Sorcha will be sweating for Student Hubs at a gruelling Bootcamp class!

Wednesday 28th April: Join Sorcha and Liz, Winchester Hub Manager, for a walk around Winchester! You can submit questions to us via Instagram and learn more about us and the Hub.

Thursday 29th April: a break day! Instead, we will be spotlight our programmes Woolly Matters and Youth Theatre. Have a look at our Social Media to learn more!

Friday 30th April: Aaron, Winchester Hub Projects Officer, will be going on a two hour walk in lovely Oxfordshire! Check out our social medias to see where he went!

"I'm taking part in the innovate 8 challenge to bring to light the amazing work students can do when given the tools to excel, tools which come at such a rewarding cost." - Aaron, Winchester Hub Projects Officer, talking a morning walk with sunglasses on.

Saturday 1st May: Liz will be doing a Just Dance workout, for two hours! Comment a song suggestion for her to do and see how it goes!

Sunday 2nd May: Join all of us for 20 minutes of stretching to wrap up the week - I am sure our bodies will need it!

How can I get involved and support?

Join in and tag us! Buy your Zumba ticket here, and follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to keep track of other areas to get involved.

Can't attend? Share and celebrate the opportunities with your friends! Sometimes letting someone else know what is going on is the best support you can give us.

And finally, donate! You can donate by going to our Student Hubs donation page, through our Total Giving platform or by text. Text CLEMENTINE to 70085 to donate £2, TANGERINE to 70085 to donate £5 or MANDARIN to 70085 to donate £10 (texts cost the donation amount plus one standard message rate).