(For reference Terrance refers to Terrans which is a nickname given to the human race).

We used to be the cutest couple: you with your flowing blonde locks and me who would comb your hair every morning and night to make you smile. I’d help you bathe, lighting candles at the sides of the bathtub and fetching your bathrobe for you. I’d pour you a glass of red wine with a dinner that I would cook and I fetched your slippers on the cold nights where we would light the fire in the lounge.

Now our relationship is soured. Now when I go to brush your hair your eyes are pained and the hair falls away in clumps. I haven’t seen the white of your teeth in a while; all I see now are the crater lines beneath your eyes that race down your cheeks from where you have stayed up all night crying over me. I no longer keep you clean, and your skin has become dirtied and riddled with grease stains. I still light the candle and the fire and give you the wine though. I set the heat hotter and hotter with logs and matches and kindling. Ever since you’ve grown distant we no longer seem to cuddle and now I’m cold.

“Please Terrance, turn it down,” you beg. I cannot hear you. Or maybe it isn’t my problem that you are baking, for I’m perfectly content in the soft warmth of the fire. If anything, I think it should be hotter.

“Please,” you beg as the fresh tears wallow at the sides of your eyes and your lips quiver.

I watch as you take a sip of the wine. My main focus is still looking at the fire. I feel ice in my veins and a shiver across my flesh – needs to be hotter, needs to be hotter. You spit it out and it leaves a black stain across your mouth. “Please…”

The hours pass and your whimpers die down.

Now I am warm and content and the fire is hot enough. I look over to you and there you lay sprawled across the sofa. Your chest rises slowly and pained as sweat bleeds out from the pores of your naked skin and the tears that smear your make-up reach all over your cheeks.

I remember how much I love you – I remember your beauty and how much I care about you. I remember the light your smile gave to me and everything around me. I go to apologise, to reach out a caring hand, to give a caressing kiss, to make it better.

But, my love, I fear that it is too late to save you.