In relation to our Give It a Go Campaign "Save the Hedgehogs", writer Laura Slominski wrote a special poem for November 5th, Bonfire Night.

Leaves flutter, swept up in a flurry
nature’s chimes of change.

I don’t know that I have to hurry
i’m cosy here, so what’s the worry?

it’s November 5th, a Hog’s nightmare.
Spike really ought to scurry…

I hide in the heart
buried in your bonfires
wrapped in snuggly straw
and warm wood.

but you people never think
to take a proper, good peek
and play our game
of Hedgehog Hide and Seek.

snuffling and snoozing
we can be blissfully unaware
please lift the bonfire’s base and listen
for rustling creatures trapped in there.

search well for spines and spikes
and join the game of Eye Spy-ne
when I’m safe, move the fire entirely
light from one side only please, that’s fine!

fireworks and fun for humans
is a Hog’s night of fear and fright
for Hedgehogs like Spike
Please remember, look before you Light!

Help a Hog this Bonfire Night!