Throughout March Winchester Hub committee members have been taking part in our ‘30 Active days’ fundraiser. During the 30 active days committee members must carry out the exercise of their choice (as stated in their pledge below).

Each semester Winchester Hub committee members take part in a fundraiser and all money raised by your donations goes towards continuing our volunteering projects to help support the Winchester community.

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When I am writing this it is day 19 out of 30, of our active challenge. My personal pledge (as shown below) has been to do home workouts with resistance bands and weights. This experience has been personally rewarding and it has definitely been a challenge to stay motivated sometimes. I feel that carrying out my pledge has been beneficial as I have been able to tone up and build up my strength. I have already seen the benefits that this challenge has given me.

I have enjoyed this challenge because as I mentioned in a previous blog post one of the ways I stay motivated as a student and maintain a positive mindset is by working out most mornings.

I think the consistency element of this challenge has been a struggle as I know I have to get up everyday and workout, but this also sets me up nicely for the day ahead.

Although sometimes having the motivation to workout has been a struggle I have been driven to continue knowing that I am working out to support Winchester Hub. As a communications officer on the committee I get an insight into the projects that my other committee members are working on and I love hearing about how their projects are supporting people in the Winchester community and the impact that our committee and their volunteers are having on others.

Although I have never been able to meet my fellow committee members in person I know they are all dedicated to working on their volunteering projects. [Kate Mardon]

This fundraiser has been rewarding for the committee members and I to work towards and try to achieve our individual pledges. You can keep up to date with our committee members pledge progress and find out where your donations are going by following our social media channels: @winchesterhub

So far we have raised over £100 and greatly appreciate your donations. If you would like to donate to our 30 active days fundraiser and support Winchester Hub donate here

All your donations will be greatly beneficial once lockdown has rules allow for groups to meet up and we will be able to fund large volunteering events.