“Dynamo expanded our knowledge about implementing sustainability so well that our brains went kaboom!" - Sam Jenkins, participant at Dynamo 2019

What is Dynamo?

The Dynamo Challenge is an inter-university competition where students are presented with real problems faced by local businesses and are asked to workshop possible solutions. Dynamo is the largest inter-university enterprise competition in the South, which brings together 50 students from 5 different universities to work together on innovative solutions to real problems in today's business world.

University of Winchester students at Dynamo 2019

This challenge is a great opportunity for students who want to develop their teamwork, pitching, and problem solving skills. With partners such as Santander and Will King (CEO of The King of Shaves Company) it is also a fantastic chance to network and present to businesses.

The day

This year Dynamo was hosted by the University of Portsmouth. This year's challenges were from Portsmouth F.C, focusing on themes of sustainability and gender equality:

Problem briefs for Dynamo 2019

Three hours was given to working on each of these briefs, after which the teams pitched their ideas to the board of experts and received feedback. This year, the judging panel was comprised of a business consultant for the University of Portsmouth, and two University of Portsmouth alumni who now run successful businesses.

"We started the day being separated into teams of students all from different institutions. The next few hours were then spent round a table discussing two briefs: one about how Portsmouth F.C. could reduce plastic waste, and the other about how Portsmouth F.C. could raise further awareness around women’s football. The basis of our ideas formed a series of pitches to a panel of industry experts who were very impressed with our ideas. Afterwards, we networked over paella and heard a personal testimony from the founder of King of Shaves. Good times!” - Sam Jenkins, participant at Dynamo 2019
Presenting pitches at Dynamo 2019

The reason Dynamo is such a fantastic experience for students is because it has a variety of applications for future employment. A lot of students attend Dynamo because of its direct applications for business and marketing, but Dynamo is also great for showing prospective employers that you're able to tackle problems in new and innovative ways. Our students were approaching the briefs from a non-profit perspective - seeking ways to solve the problems in the brief without the restriction of maximising profit.

As well as being relevant to several career paths, the Dynamo Challenge also calls different types of critical thinkers to participate. Whether you're a team leader, business-orientated, or just a creative thinker, there's room for everyone in this epic one-day event.

Check out this video from the University of Southampton about what to expect at the Dynamo Challenge:

If this sounds like fun, why not apply for our Social Innovation Programme?

The Social Innovation Programme

The Social Innovation Programme (or SIP for short) is an opportunity for students to address real-life challenges faced by a local non-profit organisations, and act as external consultants to propose and implement an innovative solution to a problem. Next semester, SIP applicants will be working with the following charities:

St. John's Winchester: dedicated to reducing social isolation in the older community through housing complexes and activities.

WinACC: dedicated to making Winchester a zero-carbon city and promoting sustainable living.

Winnall Rock School: dedicated to increasing access to the arts by providing band workshops for musical individuals facing disadvantages.

Age Concern Hampshire: dedicated to supporting individuals over 50 to live as independently as possible.

Child Health International: dedicated to supporting individuals with Cystic Fibrosis and improving medical practices across Europe to increase quality of life for those people.

No prior experience is required to join, as we provide full training. The deadline to apply for SIP has been extended to Thursday 28th November 2019.

Apply now for SIP in January 2020.