We're all about empowering students to get stuck into volunteering and take positive steps to improve their local community, and that's why our projects are run by a vibrant and diverse student committee.

Student-led Social Change

Schools+, LinkAges, Woolly Matters, Give It A Go, Youth Theatre, and our various social enterprise projects are all organised by student coordinators who are passionate about their roles and the people they work with.

'Seeing young people grow in confidence and develop academically personally inspires me to make change.' - Kieran, Schools+ Coordinator

Our project coordinators are driven and motivated individuals who are interested in creating some kind of social change. This could be tackling educational inequality, or elderly isolation, increasing access to the arts, or simply widening student participation in volunteering events. Even though our coordinators' roles vary, there is one thing they all have in common: they're all using their skills to innovate change and create a brighter future for Winchester's community.

Behind the Scenes

As well as our student coordinators, we also have fundraising, communications and staff teams, who work 'behind the scenes' to keep everything running smoothly.

Our fundraising team are fundamental to Winchester Hub's success, as most of our projects require a modest budget to continue to run. In the past, they've held one-off events such as book sales and bake sales to raise money. More recently, they've held a Halloween face-painting session and a scary movie marathon.

Face-painting for Halloween BOP 2019

Equally important are our communications and marketing team who run our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages, write our weekly email newsletter and design print posters and social media graphics. Communications are vital in spreading the word about the events we're running and encouraging more people to volunteer for our projects.

Our student committee peeling vegetables for Project SOUP

We also have a permanent staff team who support our student committee in running our various volunteering and social enterprise projects, as well as assisting our fundraising and communications teams. To support our fundraising efforts, our staff recently organised Project SOUP, where donated vegetables were made into delicious soup and sold for £3 a bowl. There were lots of vegetables left over too, which we gave away to students for free on World Vegan Day.

How did we get here?

As you may already know, Winchester Hub is a local branch of the national charity, Student Hubs, who believe that students have the power to shape a better world. Student Hubs was founded in 2007, in partnership with Oxford University, and since then, Student Hubs has opened more branches in Cambridge, Oxford Brookes, Bristol, Kingston and Southampton.

Winchester Hub itself, however, was only founded in the academic year 2013/14. At that time, Winchester Hub had only seven student volunteers and one member of staff! It wasn't until the following year that the student committee was established, which came together to run Schools+ and Woolly Matters, as well as several events in Student Volunteering Week.

From there, we grew, developing lots more regular voluntary schemes, one-off volunteering days and a range of training, events and campaigns for students to get involved with. Today we are still a growing and thriving community, which is passionate about empowering students to create social and environmental change in our city.

Visit our website for more information about our current events and projects.

Want more? Check back tomorrow for our next post, all about what it's like to work in the charity sector.