As this very busy semester has come to an end, we thought we'd take the opportunity to reflect on the highlights of the year so far. Here's our student committee's favourite moments from this semester:

Volunteer Training

As always, we recruited a number of new volunteers for our Schools+ programme to provide tutoring to school pupils of all ages. It's been a great few months for Schools+, as the Harestock Primary Football Club was launched, and Kieran, one of the student coordinators commented on the impact his volunteers have made:

'I really enjoyed training our volunteers so they could go into local schools as confident and well-rounded individuals. The impact of the work they do is already being seen in schools and I could not be prouder of them all!'               - Kieran, Schools+ coordinator

Surfers Against Sewage River Clean-Up

'My favourite moment this semester was our first Give It A Go event. Seeing lots of volunteers so enthusiastic and happy to help made me so excited for the other events we had planned!' - Lucy, Give It A Go coordinator
Winchester Hub volunteers at Surfers Against Sewage Riverside Clean-up

In October, we sent a group of Give It A Go volunteers to help out at Surfers Against Sewage's Autumn River Clean event at the River Itchen. The event aimed to reduce plastic pollution around the river, but to also spread wider awareness about the problem of plastic pollution, and encourage everyone to do their bit to look after our planet wherever they are. Our group contributed to the number of volunteers there on the day, dedicated to keeping our local area clean, and had a lot of fun making a difference.

Committee Meetings

Another triumph of this semester is how well our student committee have bonded, and are united in their common goal to make our local area a friendlier, cleaner and more welcoming place through the volunteering and social action. Aaron, one of our student executives, commented on the 'friendly and collaborative dynamic' which has grown this semester through working together:

'My favourite moment so far has to be one of our first committee meetings. Not only was it lovely to hear how enthused and how well everyone was settling into their new roles, but it also made me smile seeing the friendly and collaborative dynamic that was being built between committee members and staff alike. It really gave me so much to look forward to in the year ahead!' - Aaron, Student Executive

Project SOUP

To support our fundraising efforts, our staff team organised Project SOUP, where donated vegetables were made into delicious soup and sold for £3 a bowl in the Food Hall. There were lots of vegetables left over too, which we gave away to students for free on World Vegan Day.

'My favourite moment was Project SOUP! It was a completely new experience but it was a lot of fun. I also had the opportunity to promote the event on the University Instagram which was incredibly exciting!' - Beth, Fundraising and Events Team
Our student committee peeling vegetables for Project SOUP

Our student committee got stuck in with prepping vegetables to create cheap, sustainable meals from surplus food from in and around Winchester, accompanied by a short talk from a few select guest speakers about social action at Winchester Hub.

LinkAges Matilda's Place event

Our LinkAges volunteers also had a great time spending time with the elderly residents at Matilda's Place care home:

'My favourite moment from this semester is seeing the lovely ways in which LinkAges volunteers volunteered at Matilda's Place and gave them company.' - Sam, LinkAges coordinator

Next semester, there will be many more opportunities to make people smile - sign up here to spread a little joy. Be sure to save the date for the LinkAges Tea Party in February 2020!

We've had a lot of fun this semester, and we've made a difference thanks to all our lovely volunteers! We're already looking forward to what we can achieve together next semester!

From all of us at Winchester Hub, happy holidays!

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