It is #iWill week! #iWill is a campaign that aims to make participation in social action the norm for young people! It is supported by thousands of organizations who believe all young people should be supported and empowered to be active citizens. Young people have the energy, skills and ideas to change society and the environment for the better today and this is what #iWill week is all about.

"At Student Hubs, we are dedicated to providing opportunities for student leadership. We believe that students have the power and potential to make a real, tangible difference to communities, and by providing them with the tools and opportunities to volunteer, we can clearly see the Power of Youth." -Sorcha Young, Winchester Hub Programmes Manager

This years theme for #iWill week is The Power of Youth! The Power of Youth is all about working together for our voices to be heard and efforts to be recognised. Young people have been needlessly excluded from the conversation on coronavirus, with decisions being made for us without any regards to what we think. We should have our voices heard! The Power of Youth is also about recognising and celebrating our efforts to help others, whether that is as a friend, carer or volunteer.

Winchester Hub is part of a wider network of Student Hubs across the UK. Together Student Hubs is celebrating the Power of Youth through the Power of Students! We are living in a very strange and uncertain climate and yet as students we work to respond to our community and create a positive impact. Despite the setbacks we have faced because of the pandemic, we have fought and strived to continue to give back.

How does Winchester Hub empower you?

We asked to hear from our local hub team on how they felt their power has been put to use as well as how they have felt empowered at Winchester Hub through social action.

"Winchester Hub makes me feel empowered because it has supported me and allowed me to give back to the community. It has also made me more confident and has equipped me with the skills I need to pursue my ambition: to obtain a communications role in the future." - Ella Dunthorne, Communications Officer
"Winchester Hub empowers me as it allows me to meet other like-minded students and get them involved in volunteering opportunities. It helps me to become involved within the Winchester Community, as well as develop key skills that will be helpful in my future studies and career." - Ashleigh Heasman, Schools Plus Coordinator
"Winchester Hub empowers me as it allows me to be creative and make the community aware of the projects that we run to help and support the community through our communication methods. Spreading awareness and contributing to the amazing work of Winchester Hub is a great team to be part of." - Kate Mardon, Communications Officer
"Winchester Hub makes me feel empowered because it has given me skills in communications and marketing that I would never have achieved elsewhere at this point in my life. I'm fully supported in our Hub community, and this has allowed me to grow in confidence throughout the year and a half I've been in this role. I believe in my abilities more than ever, and I know that these skills can be developed even further. When I represent the Hub I feel proud, not only of my contribution, but of the whole network and committee." - Rosanna Fosters, Communications Officer
"Volunteering with Winchester Hub has empowered me to challenge educational disadvantage."  - Harry Pannell, Schools Plus Coordinator
"Winchester hub has opened my eyes to the importance of working with young people to express their creativity in a safe and rewarding environment. The Hub's approach to tackling social issues through projects is something I admire, as they produce invaluable relationships with people from the community who otherwise would not have these opportunities. The Hub is the perfect way to volunteer, make friends and give back to society"  - Ella Cruz, Youth Theatre Coordinator

Hear about the Power of Youth from Student Hubs, positive takeaways from lockdown and their contribution to the community through social action!

Different ways to get involved in #iWill week

The Power of Youth is demonstrated in so many different ways and it can be difficult to know where to start so here are resources, information, activities and thoughts from young people and organisations from all over the UK that might help.

How to Get Support

We are here to help you in all areas that you may be struggling with in your day to day life. This can be related to the smallest of areas, like boredom, to a range of other issues you are dealing with, like mental and physical health to managing education or money or self care.

Don't forget you could always get involved with the Hub Brew, every Wednesday from 1-2pm where you can relax and improve your wellbeing!

To learn more about any resources, information or activities on How to Get Support look here.

Take Action

There are many things we can do to take action for our voices to be heard. This can vary depending on what you are passionate about and want to achieve. Do you want to take action regarding:

• Coronavirus
• Environment
• Homelessness
• Helping Older People
• Equal Rights
• Educational Disadvantage
• Loneliness and Isolation
• Health and Wellbeing
• Poverty

All of which are possible! One of our programmes at Winchester Hub, Schools Plus works to tackle educational disadvantages!

To find out more on how to take action, follow this link.

Be Heard

There are many ways that you are able to have your voices heard, like writing to your MP or by holding a listening event! If you want to find out more on how to do this, look here.


You should celebrate how much you have done so far in these difficult times! Be proud of yourself! Look at how many people are celebrating and recognising the Power of Youth. For more videos look here.